This article is in continuation of my earlier blog post on the ‘Enhanced Smart Tags’, feature in AEM. In the previous post, I provided an overview of this feature and the requirements that it addresses. Here I discuss the recent improvements that have been made in the training process and the accompanying user experience with it . I’d strongly recommend reading my previous blog post before proceeding if not done already.


With recent advancements in computer aided image recognition technology, automatic image tagging systems have become ubiquitous. Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) has since long (AEM 6.3) provided the functionality of…

The world is experiencing an explosion of digital assets. Digital experiences composed from images and videos are now stored and served by companies and brands to their customers, and they are being produced faster than ever before. Managing and searching for relevant digital assets is becoming an overwhelmingly difficult task for content managers, and Adobe is at the forefront of technological innovation to enable efficient management of this digital content with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)Assets.

Enhanced Smart Tags is a new service introduced with AEM 6.4 that enables library managers to automatically tag their image assets with their own taxonomies…

Satya Deep Maheshwari

Software Developer@Adobe

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